The Heartbeat Of WA's Startup & Innovation Ecosystem

StartupWA invites you to join us live for the inaugural WA Pulse event. The primary goal of this event is to enhance transparency and increase efficiency in the startup and innovation ecosystem in Western Australia.

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What is WA Pulse?

The WA Pulse event highlights the various initiatives delivered by different contributors in our ever-growing startup and innovation ecosystem. These contributors include government bodies, academic institutions, startup service providers, professional services, investors, industry associations, and more.

The event is supported by Meshpoints, an initiative by Lotterywest and Spacecubed, and will be held at Perth Town Hall on Wednesday, November 29, with the livestream commencing at 5:00 pm. We believe that this will become a major, must attend periodic forum in the future for all interested parties.

At WA Pulse, we offer a platform for 20 selected speakers to share updates on the latest developments within the ecosystem. This will be done by multiple speakers through a concise 3-minute presentation. Expect to hear about new initiatives and programs, as well as updates on ongoing ones.

Beyond just listening, we encourage attendees to also participate actively. You will be able to give feedback and suggest innovative approaches to the individuals responsible for creating these programs during networking sessions.